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Construction equipment valued at more than $35,000 stolen

April 30, 2008;

CARY – A construction vehicle worth more than $35,000 was stolen without witnesses.

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Thefts of copper, brass and other metals hit Inland Empire freeways

April 30, 2008;

BLOOMINGTON, CALIF. — The rampant theft of copper and other metals in Southern California has begun hitting Inland Empire freeways hard, leaving motorists in increasing danger as traffic signals and lights in underpasses and rest areas have gone dark, law enforcement and Caltrans officials said Tuesday.

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$67,000 in property stolen from local business

April 29, 2008

Charleston Daily Mail;

State Police are investigating the theft of about $67,000 in property taken from a West Side business…

…Items stolen include various tools and machinery, an unknown amount of motor vehicle inspection stickers and a 1998 Ford F-150 black pickup truck, the release said.

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Thieves at Lake of the Ozarks steal $12,000 in fishing gear

April 29, 2008;

Missouri water patrolmen at Lake of the Ozarks are looking for thieves who cut boats loose from their moorings to take more than $12,000 in fishing equipment.

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$80,000 Boat Stolen

April 28, 2008

AM 1150;

Kelowna Mounties are investigating the theft of an expensive boat Thursday night.

Constable Julie Rattee says the $80,000 dollar sport boat was stolen from Tru Northwest RV Sales in the 2300 block of Highway 97 North.

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NIAGARA FALLS: Theft nearly triggers explosion

April 28, 2008;

It sounded like a water leak, but what was happening in the basement of a Third Street building on Saturday night could have ended in tragedy.

Someone broke into 437 Third St., which houses Third Street Liquors and the Tap Room tavern, and cut both the water and natural gas lines in the basement in an attempt to steal the copper connecting pipe. The result was a basement full of water and explosive natural gas.

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Copper Theft Hits Community Theater

April 25, 2008;

COLUMBIA, MO (2008-04-25) Copper theft is becoming an increasingly common occurrence in mid-Missouri, and one location recently faced more that just a copper theft. Columbia Police responded to a theft at the Maplewood Barn Community Theater around six Tuesday evening.

The thieves stole copper wiring, speakers, microphones and cables, all adding up to about two to three thousand dollars.

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Raider steals 100-year-old woodwork tools

April 25, 2008;
Century-old woodwork tools were stolen in a raid in Lister Lane, Halifax.

About 40 chisels and gougers were stolen, along with an air rifle, a metal detector, a box camera, camping equipment and CDs.

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Further boat engines go missing in Ballina

April 25, 2008 – By Peter Gleeson;

A rampage of boat engine thefts by criminals on the shores of Lough Derg continues, with news that four more engines were taken in Ballina last week

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April 24, 2008;

Lincoln copper thieves are now targeting homes to get their hands on the scarce metal.

Over the last 18 months theft of these metals has rocketed due to shortages in China and India.

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