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Copper theft halts meals for the needy

May 30, 2008

Copper thieves have shut down the city’s busiest soup kitchen.

“People will suffer because of this,” said Frances Carr, director of the Holy Family Community Kitchen and Pantry. “We serve about 5,000 meals a week.”

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Fine art target of metal thieves

May 29, 2008;

PHILADELPHIA — Heavy metal is driving the latest trend in art theft.

With the cost of copper and other metals skyrocketing, thieves around the world are targeting outdoor sculpture to sell as scrap.

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May 27, 2008;

Lead has been stripped from the roofs of 200 North Lincolnshire homes so far this year.

The thieves struck nine times at one block of pensioners’ flats, returning to take as much of the coveted, pricey metal as possible.

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RVs broken into televisions stolen from Crossville business

May 16, 2008

By Gary Nelson –;

Investigators with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department are reviewing a case in which 14 recreational vehicles were broken into and had televisions stolen out of them this past weekend.

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Copper Thieves Strike Again

May 15, 2008;

LITTLE BRITAIN TOWNSHIP — Copper thieves have struck the Southern End again. State Police responded to 110 Kirks Mill Road for a report of a theft of copper wiring from air conditioning units at RV Mushrooms.

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City Issues Theft Alert For RV Owners

May 14, 2008

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Albuquerque police are warning RV owners about a new crime wave.

Thieves have been hitting up RV storage sites in Rio Rancho over the past few weeks.Police told Action 7 News that thieves are breaking the windows and stealing expensive electronics from inside.

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Copper thieves hit the Metro

May 9, 2008;

THIEVES caused chaos on the Metro today after stealing hundreds of metres of signal cabling.

Services along a stretch of the line were cancelled following the theft.

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Materials: Scrap metal market boosts prices, thefts

May 8, 2008;

The scrap metal market worldwide is experiencing record prices, which have led to busier times for local metal recycling businesses and a rise in metal thefts.

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Double whammy for car owner

May 7, 2008;

It was a very bad case of déja-vu: a few weeks ago, Kirkland resident Marie-Andrée Rumanek’s car was stolen while she was shopping at Fairview Pointe Claire – the second time in about one and a half years.

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Theft of copper wiring turns lights out on games

May 6, 2008