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Copper Vases Stolen From Cemetary

June 18, 2008;

ST. ALBANS — St. Albans Police are investigating the theft of 150 copper vases from Cunningham Memorial Park Cemetary.

The total value of the vases is estimated at over $18,000.

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Copper thieves strike again at Horn Farm Center

June 17, 2008;

Copper thieves hit an agricultural education center for the second time in about three months, center officials said Monday.

Copper piping was stolen from the Horn Farm Center for Agricultural Education in Hellam Township sometime between Friday night and the next morning, when center officials arrived to set up for an event, Debbie Krout-Althoff, the center’s executive director, said.

“This time, they took the copper they didn’t get last time,” Krout-Althoff said. “It’s just a mess.”

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Copper Theft

June 16, 2008;

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND— South Padre Island authorities are closely monitoring a site where thieves made off with thousands of dollars worth of copper.

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Police investigating boat theft

June 13, 2008;

LAMBTON OPP ARE investigating the theft of a boat and motor that occurred between June 6 and Tuesday. Police say a 12-foot aluminum boat and 9.2-horsepower motor were taken from a Trella Road property in Port Lambton. The estimated value of the items is $1,100.

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BREAKING NEWS: Two OB businesses targeted by thieves

June 13, 2008;

OLIVE BRANCH – Olive Branch police are investigating the second theft in a year at Southaven RV Center, as well as another at Asplundh’s Railroad Division.

Thieves recently targeted the RV center, located Craft Goodman Frontage Road, stealing 21 flat-screen televisions from 19 units for sale.

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Copper thieves continue to test local authorities’ mettle

June 12, 2008;

Though construction has recently slowed, police say copper theft is still a problem in Fayetteville.

“It’s not just copper anymore; it’s all metals,” said Fayetteville police Sgt. Tim Franklin. “We’ve seen people stealing beer kegs, CO 2 canisters, you name it. It usually happens around construction sites or abandoned homes.”

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Boat theft, Big business

June 11, 2008;

Tampa, Florida-  This time of year is peak boating season.  Kevin Martinez drove to Tampa from Dade City to take one of his two boats out for a relaxing day of fishing.  Kevin says he’s all too aware of the latest trend when it comes to boats.

Boat theft is now a big business.  And one of Kevin’s friends is a victim of this growing type of crime.  “He had it parked in his front yard and the middle of night he came outside and the boat was there, but the motor was gone,” Kevin says.

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Thieves among us

June 10, 2008;

Daylight doesn’t put an end to property crimes

Each year about this time, letters and complaints come to our attention about things being stolen — forgive the cliche — in broad daylight.

Home safety manuals extoll the virtues of outdoor lighting and motion-detecting lights as a crime deterrent, but in a land where the sun barely dips below the horizon, we know that light isn’t the only deterrent.

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Copper wire worth $35,000 stolen from southwestern MN site…

June 10, 2008;

LAMBERTON, Minn. (AP) Authorities in southwestern Minnesota say about $35,000 worth of copper wire has been stolen from a construction site.

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Royal Yacht propellers stolen

June 9, 2008;

Thieves have stolen two propellers from the Royal Yacht Britannia. The phosphor bronze propellers, worth more than £7,000 each, were stored in a warehouse near Britannia’s berth at Ocean Terminal in Leith Docks.

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