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Police investigating boat theft

June 13, 2008;

LAMBTON OPP ARE investigating the theft of a boat and motor that occurred between June 6 and Tuesday. Police say a 12-foot aluminum boat and 9.2-horsepower motor were taken from a Trella Road property in Port Lambton. The estimated value of the items is $1,100.

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Boat theft, Big business

June 11, 2008;

Tampa, Florida-  This time of year is peak boating season.  Kevin Martinez drove to Tampa from Dade City to take one of his two boats out for a relaxing day of fishing.  Kevin says he’s all too aware of the latest trend when it comes to boats.

Boat theft is now a big business.  And one of Kevin’s friends is a victim of this growing type of crime.  “He had it parked in his front yard and the middle of night he came outside and the boat was there, but the motor was gone,” Kevin says.

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Royal Yacht propellers stolen

June 9, 2008;

Thieves have stolen two propellers from the Royal Yacht Britannia. The phosphor bronze propellers, worth more than £7,000 each, were stored in a warehouse near Britannia’s berth at Ocean Terminal in Leith Docks.

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Thieves at Lake of the Ozarks steal $12,000 in fishing gear

April 29, 2008;

Missouri water patrolmen at Lake of the Ozarks are looking for thieves who cut boats loose from their moorings to take more than $12,000 in fishing equipment.

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$80,000 Boat Stolen

April 28, 2008

AM 1150;

Kelowna Mounties are investigating the theft of an expensive boat Thursday night.

Constable Julie Rattee says the $80,000 dollar sport boat was stolen from Tru Northwest RV Sales in the 2300 block of Highway 97 North.

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Further boat engines go missing in Ballina

April 25, 2008 – By Peter Gleeson;

A rampage of boat engine thefts by criminals on the shores of Lough Derg continues, with news that four more engines were taken in Ballina last week

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Rash of Thefts at Docks Along the River

April 17, 2008;

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, FL — The St. Johns River in southern St. Johns County is peaceful, but that peace has been tampered with.

A string of about a dozen burglaries and thefts have taken place at docks along County Road 13 and around Collee Cove.

“I’ve been here since 1988,” Victor Jackson said. “Never ever lost anything from my house or the dock. Never. And it’s just a rash of thieves down here now.”

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Boat stolen just in time for fishing season

April 8, 2008;

State Police at Blooming Grove are investigating the theft of a “Minn Kota” Trolling Boat and motor from a cabin on Hog Road, Seeleys Landing, Palmyra Township, Pike County.

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Boat torched behind Tipton’s

April 2, 2008;

Someone set fire to a boat and outboard motor behind Tipton’s Outboards on North Shore Road early Sunday morning.

The Lake Cowichan Fire Department was called to the scene and put the fire out, but the boat and motor were destroyed.

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Boat thefts

March 20, 2008

O-R Online;

Boat stolen: Charles Morris of 178 Ellis Ave., Canton, told state police Tuesday that his 18-foot aluminum boat was stolen.

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Theft: A boat motor was taken from a residence on Lauderdale 65, Cloverdale.

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